Health Services & Planning

What is Friendship At Home?

As you approach retirement and consider the options for long-term care, it’s easy to become nervous about the unknown and overwhelmed by the complexity and variety of possible options, most of which are costly, uncomprehensive or inflexible. Medicare and private insurance rarely cover in-home care services, so you or your loved ones could be stuck supplementing services and worrying what to do when circumstances change down the road.

With Friendship at Home, you can enjoy retirement at home knowing your friendly Care Coordinator is always at your service. If your needs change as you age, the services will too – but your membership fees will remain steady. Plus, Friendship at Home members receive access to all of Friendship Village of Dublin’s amenities including events, dining options, fitness classes and more.

Friendship at Home is a lifetime plan for a life at home. It drastically reduces the number of “what-ifs” and eliminates the burden of worrying about what happens next.

Aging with Peace of Mind

Friendship at Home is a unique offering that’s unlike other long-term care options on the market. The membership-based program provides long-term, in-home care that allows seniors to age in place with peace of mind. Access to assisted living services and asset protection are just some of the benefits to this ground-breaking program.


Friendship at Home unifies senior care services that are tailored to the member and flexible as health and life circumstances evolve.


Your Care Coordinator eliminates the stress of scheduling services by customizing and arranging any care you need.


Our pricing structure is designed to protect members against rising home care costs through a steady monthly membership fee. Unlike a long-term care insurance plan, you’ll get immediate care with no cap on maximum coverage.

For more information regarding our senior health and planning services, contact Friendship At Home today!