Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is the difference between Friendship At Home Membership Program and long-term care insurance?

The Friendship At Home program is more comprehensive than any long-term care insurance plan and does not require stringent criteria to receive care. Care coordination is a key difference.

2) What percentage of fees are tax deductible?

Currently, up to 100 percent of your membership fee and 63.9 percent of your monthly fees are considered eligible as future health care spending. You should consult with your tax advisor to see if these fees meet the criteria based on your individual financial situation.

3) My health is good. Do I really need to enroll in the program?

The medical screening for the Friendship At Home program is one of the major factors in qualifying for membership. Therefore, your chances of being enrolled in the program are much better if your health is good. Too often people wait until there is a crisis before a decision is made. This will limit your options and potentially be a financial hardship. It’s never too soon to make this decision but it can be too late!

4) Does the program allow me to use Friendship Village of Dublin facilities if needed in the future?

Yes, if staying in your own home becomes too much, a room is reserved for you at Friendship Village of Dublin.

5) Do you pay the monthly fees before you need services?

Yes. You begin paying your monthly fees the month that you become a member and you continue to make those monthly payments as long as you remain in our program.

6) What if I think I may move out of state sometime in the future?

Friendship At Home will still provide services if you move out of state since our program has a portability feature.