Dave and Linda Price

Linda and I are delighted to be part of the Friendship At Home family.

Both of us have experienced having family members live in assisted living and nursing homes. We did not want to leave our home in Upper Arlington or our home in Naples, Florida, based on our experiences regarding a nursing home environment.

This was before Covid-19. If a Covid-19 situation should arise, we would be able to maintain contact with family members via our home’s windows. This would be a much better situation than, for example, being above the first floor of a facility with no contact at all. If all services can be administered in one’s home, why move to an assisted living facility or nursing facility?

We are very happy and relieved at the same time that we made this decision to have Friendship At Home as a future caregiver if needed. In addition, our family does not have to worry about making decisions for us regarding future care and moving to a new living environment. That is all part of the package with Friendship At Home.

We highly recommend this new way of living versus any other options that are available.

Doug and Debi Houser

“My husband and I had the pleasure to be caregivers for our four dear parents for many years. During that time we spent 25 years at Friendship Village of Dublin. I have the very highest regard and appreciation for Friendship Village, their plan, policies, and employees. However, after the death of my mother, I knew that I could never again return to the campus living facilities ever.

As soon as I read the ad for Friendship at Home I hurried in to apply for a membership. I understand very well the quality of the program and specifically like the unique ability to remain in our own home. This is the home I grew up in. It is located very close to our three children and eight grandchildren. Because my children have their own families and schedules, I did not want to “burden” them with the task of determining how I’d be cared for. While my husband and I will continue to be able to make our own decisions about our care, Friendship At Home’s Care Coordinator will secure providers and services if and when needed. They will also monitor and ensure that we receive the best level of care.

We feel very privileged to be members of such an outstanding program. Friendship at Home is providing us with the security of excellent care in the great comfort of our own home.”

Friendship at Home Member Since 2017

“Falling has not been a problem for me. But when I took one step out the door to pick up the paper on a cold morning in January, I didn’t realize I was stepping onto ice. In a matter of seconds, I was on the ground and couldn’t get up. I had broken my femur, which is the biggest bone in the human body.

My husband contacted emergency help through our Emergency Response System button that had been provided by Friendship at Home and help was here in a few minutes to take me to the hospital. I was there for four days and then ready to move to a nursing facility for rehab.

Fortunately, I didn’t have to try to figure out what to do because Nicole from Friendship at Home was there. She took care of so many things that could have been a challenge to me and then she worked with the social worker at the rehab center I chose. She arranged the transportation, and made sure that there was a room available for me and probably did some things that I wasn’t even aware of.

While I was in rehab, Nicole visited regularly to make sure that everything was going smoothly. I had both physical and occupational therapy daily and that continued even after I came home. She came to our house to help make sure that everything was ready for my return home.

The financial coverage that comes with our Friendship at Home membership was an important part of this experience. Rehab took almost 5 weeks and you know how expensive that could have been.

After 3 weeks in rehab, I was surprised to hear on Feb. 1 that Aetna insurance was ending my Medicare payments for the room and services at Friendship Village Health Center on Feb. 2. I heard this from the social worker at Friendship Village and she told me it was not unusual or unexpected. I would have panicked had it not been for her calm demeanor as she told me how to appeal this and told me that she had already talked to Nicole. When my appeal was refused, I knew that I wasn’t ready to go home and it was so good to have Nicole at my side to assure me that I didn’t need to worry. So I didn’t.

It was wonderful to get through all of this without having to make all the contacts and plans that a professional social worker knows how to do. My husband and I think that joining Friendship at Home was such a smart thing to do. I hope we never need this kind of service again, but if something happens it’s so good to have Friendship in our home.”

Friendship at Home Member Since 2017

“Friendship at Home was a lifesaver!

We joined the Friendship at Home program after considerable due diligence. Having had a bad experience earlier with another care facility, we were extremely cautious about entering into a relationship with any company in that business. Therefore we requested an analysis of Friendship’s financial statements, an interview with the chief executive of the Village, and phone interviews with existing customers. Because all of our three children live more than 500 miles away, the availability of care when we need it is obviously of great importance.

A few months after joining Friendship at Home, my wife was seriously injured in an auto crash. After two days in the hospital, she was sent home with ridiculously inadequate arrangements for further care. To cope with her condition, we needed and received round-the-clock nursing home care, as well as a daily visit by a registered nurse and daily sessions with physical therapy and occupational therapy professionals. All of these services were contracted by Friendship At Home’s care coordinator, Nicole. One supplier was retained to provide the nurse’s aide services, and another firm was used to provide the expert nursing and therapy services. We leased a hospital bed as well as other equipment necessary to provide comprehensive care within our home. Since we had no experience in procuring any of these services, it is hard to imagine what we would have done without the expert advice provided by Friendship at Home. That’s why we describe this service as a literal lifesaver.”

Friendship at Home Member since January 2016

“I am delighted that my mom chose to join Friendship At Home since I am three hours away, and she was adamant about staying independent in her own home, but wanted a continuing care plan, just “in case”. We have complete peace of mind knowing that if mom needs anything, the Friendship At Home staff is there to help out.”