Spring Cleaning Tips for Seniors Aging in Place

As the days grow longer and the weather gets warmer, the change in season brings an annual ritual: spring cleaning. 

To assist in your cleaning efforts, we’ve provided a few helpful tips as you work through your  springtime chores. 

Ask Your Loved Ones For Help

When it comes to big tasks like spring cleaning, more hands on-deck will only make the process easier. Give your friends and family a call to see if they are able to help. Grandkids are especially helpful for heavy lifting and grabbing items from hard-to-reach places. Plus, you can use the time cleaning as an opportunity to bond and tell entertaining stories. 

Make a Checklist

Cleaning your home can quickly become overwhelming if you don’t have a strategy. Before you start tackling everything, organize your list by room and write down the tasks you’d like to complete from beginning to end. Start with the most intimidating room and work your way to the easiest.

Cut the Clutter

Spring cleaning provides an opportunity to get rid of any items you don’t use. Generally, if you haven’t picked it up in a year, it’s time to let it go. It can be hard to part ways with our belongings, but this ultimately clears space for items you actually use and will create a safer living environment. Additionally, make sure you check the medicine cabinet and refrigerator and dispose of any expired medication or food.

Use the Right Tools

Work smarter, not harder. Avoid possible falls by using a duster with an extender to clean spots that are out of reach and a squeegee to clean your windows instead of paper towels. Some other useful tools include a cordless vacuum, an appropriately sized broom and a standing dustpan. 

Evaluate Your Living Conditions

As you wrap up your to-do list, take time to make sure that safety measures are up-to-date. Check and replace burnt out lightbulbs, old smoke alarm batteries, expired fire extinguishers or empty first aid kits. 

If your living needs have changed since last spring, it could be in your best interest to have other precautionary amenities installed in your home. These could include bathroom grab bars, smart lighting or a medical response system. 

We hope these helpful tips make your spring cleaning more enjoyable and create a safer and cleaner living environment. If you have any additional tricks that help make your home sparkle, share them with us!


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