What Do Seniors Fear Most About Retirement?

Retirement is often portrayed as the worry-free vacation following many years of hard work. 

While this new period of life does allow the opportunity to try new things, the natural effects of aging brings new trials one might not be prepared for — especially when considering long-term care needs. 

An Increasing Concern

A recent study surveying adults over the age of 50 found that 70% of seniors cite their top fear during retirement as out-of-control health care expenses. This uneasiness is understandable as those planning for their future quickly learn that private nursing home care costs more than $100,00 per year. 

On top of rising health care costs, one in three seniors have yet to discuss their long-term care strategy with others. This enhances the fear of having to finance the what-ifs of life and places loved ones in a difficult situation when the need arises.  

So, where should seniors turn to when planning for their future care needs?

Prepare for the What-Ifs with Friendship at Home

Helping to ensure seniors have a plan for sudden changes in life, Friendship at Home is a long-term care plan provided to older adults who wish to age in place. 

Our care coordinators develop personal relationships with members by helping them arrange concierge care in the comfort of their own home. Services range from assistance with non-medical to daily tasks such as dressing and eating, and home health aides following a medical event. 

Additionally, unlike most long-term insurance policies, Friendship at Home allows seniors to age in place under one steady monthly fee — regardless if needs change. This not only protects seniors from ever-changing healthcare costs but provides them the opportunity to age in a familiar, comfortable environment. 

Friendship at Home members are able to enjoy a worry-free retirement knowing that long-term care plans such as Friendship at Home have already prepared them for life’s unexpectancies. 


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