The Perfect Thanksgiving at Home

With comforting food, family fun and exciting parades, Thanksgiving is the perfect time to share your home with those you cherish most. 

As you prepare for your turkey-filled festivities, don’t forget to schedule a few fun activities that ensure quality time with visiting guests. See below for a few of our favorite activities. 

Watch a Thanksgiving Staple

A classic Thanksgiving morning starts with one tradition: the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. To kick off this special day, invite friends and family into your home for an early breakfast as you watch vibrant floats and musical acts make their way through New York City. 

Festive Activities for All Ages 

After the parade concludes, consider additional Thanksgiving activities that get guests up and moving. Whether it’s volunteering your time at the local food bank, participating in a friendly game of backyard football or creating Thanksgiving day crafts, you can enjoy quality time together before preparing the big meal. 

A Sweet Start

Everyone makes room for tasteful turkey and comforting side dishes, but it never hurts to get the meal started with an appetizer. Grab your grandkids and bake sweet treats such as sweet potato bites or pumpkin pie dip. This activity keeps the little ones occupied, and everyone full, until the main event. 

Remember The Day of Thanks

Once it’s all said and done — and the leftovers are stored for the next day — capturing special moments with friends and family should complete your to-do list. Gather your guests for a few pictures that will help you remember the day of gratitude in the comfort of your own home. 

Whether you’re hosting Thanksgiving day or traveling to visit loved ones, we hope you enjoy the start of the holiday season with these fun activities. Be sure to share your favorite Thanksgiving traditions with us!


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