Tips for Sharing Your Long-Term Care Plan with Visiting Relatives

The holiday season is quickly approaching and this means a number of relatives, children and grandchildren will be gathering in your home to celebrate. 

While this time is meant for fellowship, it’s also an opportune time to speak with your children and family members about your retirement plan, long-term care needs and how they can help make this transition as smooth as possible. 

We’ve provided a few helpful tips for creating meaningful conversations that will get everyone up-to-speed on your housing and care needs. 

Share Your Plan 

Drafting a preliminary plan is better than nothing at all. And, for those near retirement age, starting early is never a bad idea. While keeping the future in mind, both physically and financially, share your curated plan with significant others, children and loved ones so everyone is on the same page in creating the retirement you’ve always dreamed of. 

Express Your Concern

Share your daily routine around your home and explain what barriers have been troubling. Once family members see that you may need additional assistance that they or friends in your community are not able to provide, they will find that a long-term care plan is essential for remaining independent in the comfort of your own home. 

Explain Each Option

Nursing homes are no longer the only option. From senior living communities to at-home care services like Friendship at Home, you’re able to explain which option you see best fit — and what you’ve included in your plan. If family members express concern about the option chosen, have them meet the Friendship at Home team during their visit to learn more about what’s available through this program and other senior living opportunities.

Recognize budget constraints

Senior care is expensive — regardless of option. However, there are more sensible options based on need. During this conversation, share your budget plan for this transition and determine with loved ones which programs will cater to your individual needs at a reasonable price. 

Don’t wait to discuss your long-term care plan: keep your family in the loop on your wishes for retirement so everyone is on the same page. We hope these tips are helpful in when sharing your retirement plan.  


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