What are Activities of Daily Living?

When we wake up in the morning, many of us take a shower and brush our teeth. We get dressed for the day and may eat an early breakfast before we head out to start our day. 

Those common activities of daily living (ADL) are the tasks one completes around the home and are important for personal care. These activities consist of basic everyday tasks such as eating and dressing to maintaining items around the home. 

For those aging in place, activities of daily living are important measures to take into account when determining if one can remain independent. These activities often become more difficult with age. This trend will only become more prevalent as 138% of seniors will need help with two or more ADL’s by 2050. 

How Friendship at Home Helps Carry Out Activities of Daily Living

Fortunately, Friendship at Home helps coordinate quality care that assists seniors with everyday tasks in the comfort of their own home. This unique model differs from other long-term care services as this program provides aid for those who struggle with only one ADL instead of multiple. 

All of these services are arranged through Friendship at Home’s care coordinators and are included under one steady fee — even if needs change or increase with age. Regardless of needs, services can be provided for up to 24 hours with around-the-clock care provided for all activities of daily living. This not only assures older adults their independence, but provides coverage they can rely on throughout retirement. 

Overall, Friendship at Home members are able to retire with a peace of mind knowing their care coordinator can arrange services based on individual needs at any time.  


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