Autumn Activities for Any Age

Fall is right around the corner, and that means our favorite activities are back for another year. Grab your loved ones and enjoy this new season — and all of the delicious treats. Below are some autumn activities we recommend. 

Pick Away

Between fresh apples and bright orange pumpkins, the opportunities are endless — as are the baked goods. Spend your Saturday at Lynd’s Fruit Farm picking the perfect apple for homemade apple pie or choosing the most sturdy pumpkin for your Halloween carving. At almost no cost, you and the grandkids can enjoy a Saturday of family fun. 

Enjoy the Outdoors

Colorful leaves are the best part of fall, providing views that can’t be found elsewhere. Take advantage of this beautiful scenery with a walk through central Ohio’s beautiful walking trails and metroparks. For hour-long entertainment, and a clean yard, hand the rake off to your grandkids for an afternoon of fun in the many piles of leaves. 

Cheer On Your Favorite Team

The beginning of fall rings in an important time of the year for Ohio natives: football season. Whether it’s the Buckeyes, Browns or Bengals, anyone enjoys a great tailgate. Invite friends and family to your home for delicious treats and a lively watch party; and, don’t forget your game day gear! 

Participate in Trick or Treat

Whether you’re scouting out candy with your grandkids or sharing the holiday spirit around the community, Halloween is meant for enjoying your home with neighbors and friends. Also, keep it festive with these fun decorations!


We hope these autumn activities bring your family, friends and community together as you enjoy the changing seasons. We’d love to hear about your fall adventures —be sure to share these with us!