Senior Reads: Five Great Books to Read in Retirement

While many of us were encouraged to read at a young age, it’s important today, as adults, to find time with a good book. 

When seniors, in particular,  partake in reading, they keep their minds active. Reading is very beneficial to seniors as it enhances memory, sharpens decision-making skills and improves sleep. Books also act as great conversation starters, and sharing your newest read with family members or friends can help spark their curiosity as well. 

Whether you’re a casual reader or an avid bookworm, we believe that reading is a great way to spend the day or wind down in the evening. And, if you’re really lucky, you may find a book that keeps you up all night. 

Below are five recommendations we think you might enjoy. 

A Man Called Ove by Frederick Backman 

Seen by his neighbors as a cantankerous elder, Ove is the quiet type, hiding both sadness and tragedy behind a bitter, blunt exterior. However, when a young family moves in next door, the world as he knows it will never truly be the same. This heartwarming tale explores unexpected friendship, the importance of community and the ability to change one’s perspective, regardless of age. 

100 Years: Wisdom from Famous Writers on Every Year of Your Life by Joshua Prager

Written for all ages and backgrounds, this literary piece pulls passages from famous writers such as William Shakespeare, Jane Austen and many more. With 100 quotations celebrating each year of life, readers are able to reminisce on memorable moments and life events. 

Summer of ‘69, by Elin Hilderbrand

This historic novel highlights the good ole’ times — the summer of ‘69. The Levin family is seeing major changes both inside and outside their home, and the summer is just getting started. This classic, coming-of-age novel celebrates both the highs and lows of that year, commemorating the summer through the lens of an all-American family. 

The Little Old Lady Who Broke All the Rules by Catharina Ingelman – Sundberg

Comedic, daring and adventurous are great adjectives to describe Martha Anderson, a 79-year-old woman who hopes to break out of her care home and take the world by storm. With the help of her four friends, also known as the League of Pensioners, Martha stirs up her community and develops a plan to escape. This witty, international bestseller is perfect for those entering their golden years, providing real life truths and tons of laughter. 

Life Is So Good by George Dawson & Richard Glaubman

Inspiration comes in many forms and this autobiography is one mere example. George Dawson, a grandson to a slave, shares his experiences and perspective as an America living throughout the 20th century. While Dawson faced many joys and hardships — like never learning to read before the age of 98 — he exudes inspiration and passion, sharing that life is so good and it’s only getting better. 

The next time you’re at your local library or favorite book store, grab a book and get reading! We hope you enjoy these recommendations and find more to share.