Stay Connected with the Help of a Care Coordinator

Nurse Assisting Elderly

From the beginning of time, individuals have thrived on social connection with others. Whether it be a family member, friend, coworker, neighbor or acquaintance, we all have a variety of social interaction throughout our daily lives.

However, as we age, those social connections tend to shrink from circumstances outside one’s control, such as the loss of a loved one or a family member moving away. This has led to increased mental health risks in the growing senior population, as one study states that approximately 40 percent of seniors expressed feelings of loneliness.

To combat these feelings of loneliness, Friendship at Home provides care coordinators to elderly in need of both social companionship and continuum of care. These coordinators quickly become more than just a friendly face —  they become a friendly, responsive care advocate.

Orchestrating a number of services for the members they serve, care coordinators are dedicated to fully understanding your care needs and getting to know you beyond the surface level. From assisting in daily tasks to providing referral services, care coordinators orchestrate the services you need and ensure connection to the community.


Building Personal Relationships

Long-term relationships are essential to care coordinators as they hope to provide a continuum of care throughout your retirement. Not only do they value personal relationships with you, they also make connections with your care providers, evaluating your performance and ensuring the best quality care based on your needs. This social relationship never changes, even if your care needs do.


A Long-Term Liaison

With long-term relationships come connections, and care coordinators connect with those around you to ensure care in the comfort of your own home. Through medicare coordination to fully understanding your medical history, care coordinators act as liaisons to medical providers and caretakers.


Care When You Need It

Friendship at Home care coordinators provide around-the-clock service to all members, available whenever social interaction or care is needed. Whether care requires the scheduling of medical appointments to lawn maintenance referrals, they’re at your side to take the stress away from daily activities.

To learn more about care coordinators and and how they can help you create a personalized plan for your life at home, call (614) 734-2167.