Member Testimonial: How Friendship at Home Provides Peace of Mind

After retiring, Christopher and his wife were looking for the best long-term care option for them.  As a former Friendship Village of Dublin board member, he understood the peace of mind that a continuing care retirement community provides. However, he was surprised to learn that wasn’t the only way he could receive affordable long-term care.

“For a long time, we thought we would move into Friendship Village of Dublin — and that would have been a great option,” Christopher said. “But when we learned Friendship at Home could guarantee the same care at home, it was very compelling to us.”

With 87% of retirees wanting to stay at home, aging in place has been a growing trend over the previous decade. While most rely on pay-as-you-go homecare services, the programs are expensive and require constant coordination.

To help central Ohio retirees safely age at home, Friendship Village of Dublin launched Friendship at Home. The care concierge service matches seniors with a care coordinator who arranges any services they need — from help with daily activities to full nursing-home care at home. They even coordinate referral services like lawn care, electricians and more.

“It’s just one call away, and we know that whatever happens we’re covered — it gives us a lot of security,” said Christopher. “You don’t have to tell the care agency everything all over again every time something happens. They have a file on us and know what’s what.”


The membership program pays for most home care services, protecting members against rising costs. And unlike a long-term care insurance plan, they get immediate care with no cap on maximum coverage.

“I had a long-term care policy from an insurance company, but this is much better coverage,” Christopher said. “You had to wait six months before the benefits would kick in, and you had to arrange your own care.”

Friendship at Home also travels with its members by coordinating care wherever they go. The program will arrange services whether they’re visiting family in Michigan, vacationing out west or wintering in Florida.

But for Christopher and his wife, a Friendship at Home membership was about remaining in their home — a place filled with a lifetime of memories.

“It’s been our home for over 30 years,” he said. “A lot of birthdays, Christmases and holidays were spent with our children and grandchildren right here.”

If you’re interested in learning more about Friendship at Home, give us a call at (614) 734-2167. We’d be happy to answer any questions you have!