What Our Members Have to Say

“Friendship at Home was a lifesaver!

We joined the Friendship at Home program after considerable due diligence. Having had a bad experience earlier with another care facility, we were extremely cautious about entering into a relationship with any company in that business. Therefore we requested an analysis of Friendship’s financial statements, an interview with the chief executive of the Village, and phone interviews with existing customers. Because all of our three children live more than 500 miles away, the availability of care when we need it is obviously of great importance.

A few months after joining Friendship at Home, my wife was seriously injured in an auto crash. After two days in the hospital, she was sent home with ridiculously inadequate arrangements for further care. To cope with her condition, we needed and received round-the-clock nursing home care, as well as a daily visit by a registered nurse and daily sessions with physical therapy and occupational therapy professionals. All of these services were contracted by Friendship At Home’s care coordinator, Nicole. One supplier was retained to provide the nurse’s aide services, and another firm was used to provide the expert nursing and therapy services. We leased a hospital bed as well as other equipment necessary to provide comprehensive care within our home. Since we had no experience in procuring any of these services, it is hard to imagine what we would have done without the expert advice provided by Friendship at Home. That’s why we describe this service as a literal lifesaver.”

— Friendship at Home Member Since 2017