Fun Ways To Spend Time With Your Grandchildren This Summer

The best way to spend this season is quality time with your grandchildren — especially since they’ll have more free time without school or homework. Below are four fun and cheap ideas for spending time together:


Introduce your grandchildren to growing their own plants, fruits and veggies. Not only will you have the chance to teach them an appreciation for the earth, but you can also spend more time together making delicious recipes or flower arrangements with everything you grow. If you already have a garden, consider setting apart a small space in it for your grandchildren, so they feel like it’s their own.

See a Movie

Each summer, most Regal Cinemas movie theater locations offer family fun movies every Tuesday and Wednesday for only $1 a ticket. Since you’re saving on tickets, you can splurge on classic movie theater snacks or stop at a pizza place ahead of time and make it a whole day of fun.

Perform a Play

Get creative this summer by writing and performing an original play with your grandchildren. Since you’re the writers, you can create a script that includes the exact characters and scenes each grandchild wants to play. Plus, you’ll help your grandkids become comfortable with writing and public speaking — even if their parents and pets are the only ones in the audience.

Explore a Park

Take advantage of your free local parks by packing a picnic basket and spending a day outdoors with the grandkids! Plan some fun activities to do while you’re there, like a nature walk, outdoor games or birdwatching. Even older grandkids will have fun spending a day at a park. Just be sure everyone is practicing sun protection and safety!

At Friendship at Home, we want to make sure your grandkids can always stop by your house for a fun evening. To do this, we’ve created a program to help you age in place with the peace of mind that quality care is available whenever you need it.

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