Is It Ever Too Late to Become a Member?


The Friendship at Home program allows people 62 and older to age confidently in their own home knowing they will have access to affordable long-term care services if and when they need them.

If you compare Friendship at Home to long-term care insurance or a continuing care retirement community, it’s often the most cost-effective way to access long-term care. Like both of these options, Friendship at Home is proactive — not reactive — when it comes to planning for long-term care in retirement. While our program offers benefits beyond these traditional options, it still requires that you’re healthy and independent when you apply.

To become a member of Friendship at Home, all individuals must undergo a three-part application process. The process determines eligibility, is generally completed within 30 days and includes a medical review, financial review and home assessment.

Similar to how a pre-existing condition can prevent someone from purchasing a long-term care insurance policy, health problems at the time of application can prevent Friendship at Home membership. Because of this, it’s in your best interest to apply when you’re healthy — so you can retire at home with the peace of mind that quality care is available whenever you need it.

The medical screening is one of the primary factors that determine membership, so your chances of being enrolled in the program are much better if your health is good. Too often people wait until there is a health crisis before a decision is made, which can limit their options and end up costing more in the long run. It’s never too soon to make this decision but it can be too late!

If you have any questions about Friendship at Home, we’d love to chat! Give us a call at (614) 734-2167 to learn more.