What is Friendship at Home?


Friendship at Home is a unique alternative for anyone who chooses not to move into a retirement community but wants the same guarantee of quality care as they age. The program offers all of the same services and advantages — without communal living. The Friendship at Home program allows retirees 62 and older to age confidently in their own home knowing they will have access to affordable long-term care services if and when they need them.

Friendship at Home covers homecare services when member needs arise. The program reduces hassle by coordinating care for members. And, the program “travels” with members wherever they live — whether in central Ohio, Florida or other warm climates for part of the year.

Depending on the member’s situation, home care services provided can be short-term or long-term. Because our care coordinators build personal relationships with our members, anyone who is a part of the program can rest easy knowing they can trust the person in charge of their care.

The program is also more economical than a traditional continuing care community and more flexible than long-term care insurance. With a one-time entry fee and monthly payments, the program protects member assets by letting them save on long-term care and helping them stay in the home they love.

If you have any questions about Friendship at Home, we’d love to chat! Give us a call at (614) 734-2167 to learn more!