Ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Retirement

Valentine’s day isn’t just for couples — it’s an opportunity to celebrate love in all forms. Whether you spend the day with your grandkids, a best friend or your significant other, it’s a great time to make a memory with someone you care about.

Below are a few of Friendship at Home’s creative ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day in retirement — no matter who you’re with.

Walk Down Memory Lane

Reminiscing over good times with a friend or family member will remind you of all the great experiences you’ve shared together. Whether you’re looking through long-forgotten photos of your childhood or snapshots of your previous Christmas, you’ll have a hard time not smiling! You’ll remember where you’ve been and may glean new insights into how you got where you are.


Studies have shown that volunteering significantly improves mood and sense of well-being and can reduce feelings of loneliness. Getting together with a group of friends and giving back to the community ensures you’ll sleep well at night. If you’re looking for volunteer opportunities throughout Columbus, here is a list of 44 ways to give back and pay it forward.

Make Something

Doing something creative is a great way to bond with someone you care about. Plus, it’s an opportunity to get your creative juices flowing while making a souvenir to remember your day together. If you’re having a hard time thinking of something creative, try this list of Valentine’s Day crafts that are great for all ages.

Relive Your First Date

If you’re spending Valentine’s Day with your significant other, try taking them to the place you first met. Whether you’ve been married 50 years or five months, reliving your first date promises a fun evening filled with laughter and memories. You may even find things are more fun the second time!

Visit the Columbus Zoo

The Columbus Zoo is celebrating Valentine’s Day with a holiday special. You can take your sweetheart the zoo for only $10. The package includes free parking, a special gift package, three children’s books and admission for two.

Wine Tasting

While this isn’t the best option for celebrating Valentine’s Day with your grandkids, a wine tasting promises to be a fun evening. There are several wine tasting events throughout Columbus — in fact, here are 15 of our favorites. As the saying goes, “Love the wine you’re with!”

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