Why Your Home’s Lighting Matters as You Age

As we grow older, our eyes undergo changes that can make it difficult to see distances, distinguish colors and read small print. In fact, studies suggest the average 65-year-old needs twice as much light as the average 20-year-old because of smaller pupils and darkened corneas.

While these vision changes are completely normal, they can be frustrating. Making small changes to your home’s lighting can improve safety and quality of life in retirement.

Visit Your Doctor

If you notice changes in your eyesight, your first step should be to visit your eye doctor. They can determine if the changes are normal and ensure your prescriptions are up to date.

Add a Lamp and Open Curtains

Adding a strategically placed lamp or opening curtains can improve visibility in dark areas. Placing a light over your favorite reading nook can make all the difference, and increased exposure to sunlight has been shown to improve overall mood.

Avoid Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting can cast shadows that make it difficult for changing eyes to adjust. Adding alternative sources of light will improve both visibility and safety.

Switch to LEDs

Switching to LEDs increases the amount of light a fixture can emit without maxing out the recommended wattage. LEDs also use 90 percent less energy, last 15 times longer and save $80 over their lifetime. To reduce the initial cost, AEP Ohio offers instant, in-store discounts when you buy LEDs at participating retailers or through their online marketplace.

Try Smart Bulbs

Smart bulbs connect to your Google Home or Amazon Echo allowing you to turn them on or dim them through voice commands. This means you can adjust lighting without ever leaving the comfort of your couch! Smart bulbs can also be managed through your smartphone so they’re never more than a tap away.

Minimize Glare

While it’s important to increase lighting, it’s also important to reduce glare. Adding lampshades can reduce direct light while redirecting it throughout the room. Removing shiny surfaces or repainting them with a matte finish are also great ways to manage this problem.

The Friendship at Home membership program provides a way to coordinate future long-term care, making it more affordable to grow older in the comfort of your own home. We help you age in place with the peace of mind that quality care is available whenever you need it.

If you’re interested in discussing our program or want to learn more about why lighting matters as you age, we’d love to chat! Give us a call at 614-734-2167.