Continuing Care at Home

The aging process should not limit you from living the life you want. The choice is yours to decide how and where you wish to live.

Preserve Your Independence

An affiliate of Friendship Village of Dublin, Friendship at Home is Columbus Ohio’s first, home-based continuing care program, as an alternative living option for seniors. This is your opportunity to become free of daily hardships and inconveniences, while preserving your energy for the things you love to do and allowing you to focus on living a fulfilling, healthy lifestyle.

As an active adult, you’re able to enjoy your home, the community and, most importantly, your independence. You may be concerned with what tomorrow might bring. What would happen if you or your spouse became ill or disabled? How would this affect your well-being, your family and your future financial situation? We share your concerns and offer Friendship at Home as a solution.

For so long, leaving your house behind was thought to be the only option for long-term continuing care, but not anymore. Experience a much more relaxed lifestyle in the comfort of your own home! To learn more about our aging-in-place services, please contact us.